Great success of CEZAMAT

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Great success of CEZAMAT

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CEZAMAT – Environment is among 31 projects, which are classified as winners of the first stage of Teaming for Excellence. This is a prestigious program organized by the European Commission under Horizon 2020. Its aim is to equalize the level of scientific development, and reducing quality differences between research in the different European countries. The idea behind the contest is to establish a new research institution with the active cooperation and exchange of experience with foreign partners. CEZAMAT and other European winners will receive nearly 500.000 euro on the preparation of the very detailed business plan to launched the new research institutions – the Centres of Excellence. The best business plans will offered the unique opportunity for project implementation. CEZAMAT-Environment project will focus on innovative, self-organizing networks of chemical and biochemical sensors, to detect risks to the environment. In the newly created Centre of Excellence we will apply best practices in the field of science, innovation and management derived from highly developed European institutes. During the first five years of operation we plan to establish almost self-financing and sustainable European institution focused on the most advanced environmental research. These objectives will be achieved by joint effort of project partners or the National Center for Research and Development (Poland), CEZAMAT PW Sp. with o.o (Poland), CEA-Tech (France), Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (FhG, Germany).


Co-funded by the Horizon 2020

Famework Programe of the Euroepean Union