Kick-off meeting

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Kick-off meeting

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Kick-off meeting of CEZAMAT-Environment was held in Warsaw, on 2nd of June 2015. During the meeting project partners were informed about legal and financial framework for the project and were able to discuss issues relating to work packages (WP) 1 and 2 – both to be executed as first within the project, by the end of September. During the meeting also an overview of teaming state of play has been provided. Within 1st stage teaming call 169 proposals have been submitted from 20 countries (as coordinators). At this stage there are 31 projects competing. Majority of projects come from background of physics and chemistry, followed by medicine and life sciences and ICT as the third biggest group. All 31 projects will run from 1st of June 2015 until 31st of May 2016. At the end of May business plans need to be ready as a final project deliverable, however official submission of business plan for the 2nd stage has been established by EC in autumn 2016. The budget for the 2nd stage is 135 M EUR – budget of a single project may reach 15 M EUR and the duration should be between 5 and 7 years. Due to budgetary constraints only 9 out of 31 projects can receive funding in 2nd teaming stage. The governance structure has also been discussed briefly. The main decision making body in the governance structure is the Steering Committee, which is responsible for approving any changes to the project plan, both regarding the budget and the merits. During the meeting a description of all work packages has also been provided. Work within the project is organised in 6 interconnected Work Packages. Several issues regarding legal form, administrative structure and IPR have also been discussed during the meeting. This part of the meeting was led by prof. Romuald Beck.


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