Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies – CEZAMAT (managed by CEZAMAT PW Sp. z o.o.) – is a unique research center with its main goal to provide the platform that will integrate research community and enable development of interdisciplinary research on modern materials and technologies. CEZAMAT will put focus on materials, components and technologies for Wireless Sensor Networks, which are the foundation of the Internet of Things concept, where sensors and actuators are embedded in physical objects and communicate through wireless networks. As one of the leading R&D centers, we want to contribute via creative and breakthrough solutions to the biggest challenges in this field. CEZAMAT will offer ecosystem of multidisciplinary teams of world-class researchers, top level expertise, cutting-edge technologies and winning innovative ideas. The infrastructure and integrated programs will allow research and development work at the highest level while promoting and implementing new technologies. The laboratories of CEZAMAT are located in Warsaw and will be the most advanced and the largest of the kind in Poland. They include almost 4000 square meters of clean room space (suited for both semiconductor and bio-oriented research).

Co-funded by the Horizon 2020

Famework Programe of the Euroepean Union